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What Can Children and Kids Do In Bhutan

Most parents wanting to travel to Bhutan with their children often worry about their kids as Bhutan is not a metropolitan and so their kids might be bored. In fact we suggest that you travel to Bhutan with your children as it will be a unique experience for them and they will go back home with a fresh mind and appreciation for all things they have and value moments and things that money cannot buy.

Bhutan is a great place for children to travel to, for the following reasons and activities:

    1. SAFETY: This should be a priority in any parents list of travel when traveling with their children. Bhutan is very safe for children both in terms of crime against children and open natural spaces for children to enjoy.

    1. Foods: Foods in Bhutan are mostly freshly cooked hot meals and uses locally available vegetables and meat. The food is made clean and healthy so keeps the child away from any illness.

    1. Witness Preservation of Culture and Traditions: Children traveling in Bhutan will realize the value of culture and traditions. They will witness, that apart from elders, even the School students go to school proudly in their national costumes. Each School uniform is differentiated only by the color of their National costume. The Girls wear our National costume called KIRA and the Boys wear GHO.

    1. PARKS and GARDENS : There are open parks and gardens so that children can play.

    1. Children can enjoy the Flora and Fauna of Bhutan. They will hear birds chirping throughout the day. They can visit the TAKIN RESERVE-where the national animal of Bhutan can be seen.

    1. UNIQUE PAINTINGS: Children can enjoy a different type of painting, like the wall murals and traditional paintings which are unique to Bhutan. Most monumental sites and temples will have these paintings.

    1. OLD BRIDGES: They can enjoy crossing cantilever wooden bridges which again is unique to Bhutan as most of our bridges have been used for centuries and used even today.

    1. LOCAL HEALTHY FAST FOODS: When in Paro and Thimphu, children can enjoy the locally made burgers, pizzas, Chicken Fries, French Fries and ice creams. Bhutan does not have multinational food chains like McDonalds, KFC etc. Our fast foods are made from local products, thus even if it is a fast finger food, it is healthy.

    1. There are a few fun Indoor play gardens for children. This will a nice space for the children to interact with the local Bhutanese children.

    1. Picnic in Bhutan : Organize a Picnic by the river side or atop a hill or in the valley by the villages and fields.

  1. Let your Child Paint what they see in Bhutan : Instead of engaging in their smart phones, why not buy a drawing book and some colors and let them paint what they see in Bhutan. This can be done in a garden or park or even the hotel rooms.

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