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Bhutan Public Holiday Year 2020

1Losar, Iron Male Rat Year24-25/02/2020
2Death Anniversary of Zhabdrung (Zhubdrung Kuchoe)2/5/2020
3Birth Anniversary of 3rd Druk Gyalpo2/5/2020
4Lord Buddha's Parinirvana5/6/2020
5Birth Anniversary of Guru Rimpoche30/6/2020
6First Sermon of Lord Buddha24/7/2020
7Thimphu Drubchoe(Thimphu Only)22/9/2020
8Blessed Rainy Day23/9/2020
9Thimphu Tshechu(Thimphu Only)26-28/09/2020
11Coronation Day of His Majesty the King1/11/2020
12Descending Day of Lord Buddha7/11/2020
13Birth Anniversary of the 4th Druk Gyalpo- Constitution Day11/11/2020
14National Day17/12/2020
15Winter Solstice2/1/2021
16Traditional Day of Offering14/1/2021

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