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Luxury Bhutan Tours

Uniquely Bhutan Luxury Tours

My Unique Quote For My Unique Country Bhutan: ” Sometimes Peace is the Only Luxury We Seek”.  And thus your search ends in Bhutan.

The Silent Lake of Bhutan

Many travelers seeking a luxurious experience, wonder if Bhutan is able to provide the Luxury Tours that they are looking for. Maybe 10 to 15 years back this was not possible BUT now many stakeholders of world’s Luxurious brands have realized that Bhutan is one Travel Destination worth investing in as Bhutan offers everything unique to the world, so now we have developed services with some amazing Luxury hotels that are set in some of the most beautiful locations in the already beautiful Bhutan.

For the Bhutan Jewel Travel team, luxury does not mean providing our Guests with just the available 5 starred and 7 starred Hotels, but we take care to check that these highly starred hotels do actually have the comfort and privacy, we also provide good vehicles, assign Guides that are experienced and well mannered. We take our privileged Guests to places other than the usual touristy sites and we are at their service any time.

However, we personally feel that it is of no worth just touring with the Best if you don’t experience the best that Bhutan can offer, thus we make visits to some places that show cases what normal people in Bhutan do and what life is like actually in Bhutan and would like our Guests to par take in some normal lay mans’ activities that truly gives you indescribable joy and happiness that touches you to your core. This I call luxury that can not be bought off the shelves.

However, nothing is compromised and Guests can be assured of a very efficient team from Bhutan Jewel Travel to make your stay in Bhutan the Best and the most memorable.

Unique Bhutan Luxury Travel Tour Itinerary

Below are some information on what we do for a Bhutan Luxury Tour :

  1. Depending on the number of days that travelers will be in Bhutan, we customize the Tour Package to make the best of their time in Bhutan.
  2. As the name suggests, tourists will be put up in one of the many 5 Starred or 7 Starred Hotels in Bhutan which we will exclusively select based on location and their services.
  3. Of course we take tourists to sites and places that are usually of Interest to all travelers to Bhutan
  4. PLUS We take tourists to places not often visited by tourists like maybe a walk through a far flung village with just nature around and the villagers doing their daily chores. Interact with villagers and visit their homes.
  5. We include Hikes to some remote temple, OR may be just do a part of a trek route that is the most beautiful. Well basically we are picking and choosing what we want our guests to do or go for.
  6. We try and have meals that include some homemade typical Bhutanese food which restaurants will not be serving or even if they do serve by that name, it will not be authentically Bhutanese.
  7. We take tourists to see the local artisans and stop over at some road stop shops to check and maybe even buy the local produce.
  8. Tourists will be happy with our Luxury Tour Guides as they will be well experienced and we will not be assigning any “On the Job” training Guides.

We know and believe that  “life is unpredictable and impermanent” BUT “each moment is ours to live” so indulge in everything good and live a life that you’d be proud of and happy to remember.

Experience the Uniquely Bhutanese Luxury Tour with Bhutan Jewel Travel.

It is always wonderful when a Local Bhutanese guides you on your Tour,then you experience the best of the Luxury trip and an experience at local level.

Planning for a trip to Bhutan?

we assure you that “It’s a Great Start For The Perfect Journey to Bhutan”