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PARO Sites

Popular Sites to Visit in Paro : One of the main attractions in Paro is the Paro Dzong.

  • The Paro Rinpung Dzong was built in 1646, this Dzong now is the office of the district Administration and district monastic body of Bhutan.One can see the Bhutanese traditional wooden bridge in ancient style on the way to the Dzong.
  • The National Museum (Ta Dzong) just above the Dzong, which used to be a watchtower for the Dzong. This “Taa Dzong” which was a watch tower in ancient time is now the National Museum and has a rare collection of all kinds of Masks, animals, Stamps, Photos, Statues, Pottery, Arms and Ammunition, costumes, relics, religious paintings, handicrafts, and hangs the Biggest mask in Bhutan.
  • Drugyal Dzong (Victorious Fortress), which was built in 1646 where Bhutan has victory over Tibetan invasion during the 1600s. On a clear day one can get a spectacular view of Mt Jhomolhari, the second-highest mountain at 7,329 meters.
  • Kyichu Lhakhang, (Lhakhang means temple) is the oldest monastery in the country, built in the 659 AD, by the King Songtsen Gompo of Tibet as one of the 108 such monasteries he built in various places to spread Buddhism. It is located between Paro Town and Drugyal Dzong. It is one of the holiest place in the country, as it marks the advent of Buddhism in the country.
  • Taktsang Monastery. (Taktsang means “Tiger’s Nest “). This is most famous monastery in the country. The Monastery clings to a vertical granite cliff drop of nearly 4000 ft. and overlooks the Paro valley and the river. It is said that in the second half of the 8th century, Guru Padma Sambhava known as the second Buddha in Bhutan meditated on this spot where the Monastery is situated having alighted there on the back of a flying tigress and now this site ia a sacred shrine for Bhutanese pilgrims.
  • Kila Goenpa: This is a nunnery perched on a vertical hill and usually people like to hike to this place for its serenity and beauty of looking down at the Bonday Valley. Its a half day hike.
  • Tamchog Lhakhang: This temple in en route to Thimphu so any one can visit this temple which is situated on a small hill over looking the Paro river. One has to cross an ancient bridge and this bridge is the main attraction as the irons on this bridge are ancient and legend has it that these irons were pounded into Chain links by the Treasure Hunter of Bhutan in the 16th Century. The pounding was done by beating the iron on his thighs.
  • Dzongdrakha Temples on the Cliff :

Excursion/ Hiking in PARO

  • Taktsang Monastery ( Tigers Nest)
  • Bumdra Trek
  • Chumbu Nye
  • Drakarpo
  • Dzongdrakha Goempa
  • Chelela Pass
  • Kila Goempa
  • Tachogang Lhakhang Bridge
  • Zuri Lhakhang
  • Donkala Temple

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