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We at Bhutan Jewel Travel try and up date the latest information for our guests so that guests can get the most out of their time in Bhutan,thus we create Unique Bhutanese Cultural & Leisure Tour Packages.

Bhutanese Culture is rich and vibrant and still prevalent at every corner of Bhutan. From the time you land into Bhutan,you first BREATH IN the clean pure air, then you see the Bhutanese Houses which are still made with Timber and Mud packing or bricks of two to three stories in height.People still practice farming, weave clothes, dance and sing like our fore fathers on the same songs passed down from generation to generation.

We have many temples, stupas and religious institutions that actively participate in all religious teachings,and partake in the Bhutan’s Famous Festivals that take place in all Districts of Bhutan.Bhutan has sacred festivals, nature festivals like Takin Festival (Takin being the National Animal of Bhutan), Wild Rhododendron Flower Festival, Mushroom Festivals. Nomads Festival and many local festivals.

We still preserve our Nature and keep the environment untouched such that Bhutan still boasts that non of our Mountains have ever been climbed as we believe that  they are sacred and they are the abode for the Gods. We still drink water directly from the clean streams AND 70% of our lands are covered in natural forests. Animals are protected thus wild animals like the Bengal Tigers are found in our Bhutan forests at alarming altitudes, and these tigers are actually the habitats of India but due to unsafe environment they are entering into Bhutan where they are out of any danger.

Bhutan still practices sustainable farming and during the farming season travelers to Bhutan can see men and women working in their fields come rain or sun.

Cultural Tours and Leisure Tours are like TWO sides to the same coin, as they go hand in hand. These tours will take you from West to Central to Eastern Bhutan,depending on the number of days you are touring Bhutan. Usually we have tours ranging from 4 Nights to 24 nights and more. And in such tours you will meet the Bhutanese Folks, pass by or through the villages, pass through farm lands, visit temples and monasteries, enjoy the local food, and check out the crafts made in Bhutan,apart from the beautiful Fortresses(Dzongs) and the natural view of Mountains,lakes,flowers,birds, and so much more. In brief, one can truly experience the core essence of Bhutan and its Culture.

To Book a Leisure or Cultural Tour to Bhutan, mail us at bhutanjewel@gmail.com and write to us about the number of days you would like to tour Bhutan and we will advice and recommend you the BEST Tours.OR you can Check the Cultural & Leisure Tours Itineraries on our website and you can do one of the tours there or you can ask to make changes and customize the tour as per the number of days you will be in Bhutan.

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