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Tour Price Discounts

Travelers to Bhutan can avail certain discounts on Bhutan’s Minimum Daily Tour Rate/Cost/Price if the following conditions are fulfilled:

General Category Discounts:

  • For 2 travelers and up to 10 Travelers in a Group, Please contact us directly at bhutanjewel@gmail.com for the discount as this can be related directly with the Travelers only as per our Company norms.
  • For 11 up to 15 persons in a Group Travel to Bhutan, 1 Person can avail a discount of 50% on the Minimum Daily Tour Rate/ Cost/Price
  • For 16 and more persons in a Group Travel to Bhutan, 1 Person can avail full 100% discount on the Minimum Daily Tour Rate/Cost/Price
  • If travelers to Bhutan, irrespective of number of people in a Group, and includes even Single Travelers, do tour Bhutan for more than 14 Nights, then the days over and beyond the 14 Nights can avail a 100% discount on the Bhutan Tour Royalty amount which is USD 65 per night.

Students Discount:

  • Students having a Valid Identity Cards from their Academic Institutions and below the age of 25 at the time of entering into Bhutan can avail students discount which is 25% of the Bhutan Tour Royalty amount. (Which is 25% of USD 65, USD 65 per night being the Bhutan Tour Royalty).

Children Discount:

  • For children below the age of 5 Years old, there is no charge like the Minimum Daily Tour Rate/Cost/Price.
  • For Children between 6 and 12 Years of age, they can avail 50% Discount on The Minimum Daily Tour Rate/Cost/Prices PLUS 100% Discount on Bhutan Tour Royalty which is USD 65 Per night.

For information on the Minimum Daily Tour Rate/Cost and Prices please check out Bhutan Tour Price and Rates.

Air Fare Discounts

  • OFF Season Discounts AND Discounts for students and children are available. Please contact us at bhutanjewel@gmail.com for the complete air ticket prices and discounts.

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