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Tourism Policy of the Kingdom of Bhutan 2021

“The Tourism Council of Bhutan is pleased to announce the Tourism Policy of the Kingdom of Bhutan 2021. The policy envisions to promote Bhutan as a green, sustainable, inclusive, and a high-value tourism destination guided by the policy of ‘High-value, Low volume’ tourism to contribute to the overall socioeconomic development of the country. The policy sets the agenda and direction for sustainable tourism development in the country through key reform measures and institutional strengthening. Tourism has the potential to create greater benefits across its diverse value chain benefiting various sections of society. It is important that the type of tourism and the reforms thereof are in the larger interest and future benefits of the industry and country. Further, given the multi-sectoral nature of the tourism industry, it is important that engagement, partnerships, and collaborations at all levels are strengthened and tourism-friendly sector policies and plans are given the highest considerations by the sector stakeholders for tourism to grow and benefit all. Tourism is a strategic and valuable asset like any other natural resources for the country and people and hence critically important to harness its benefits in a sustainable manner, acceptable to our society and strengthening rather than undermining our nature, culture, tradition religion, and more importantly to avoid short term quick material gains. The current COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented impacts for people and economics with tourism being one of the most impacted. It has also given us the opportunity to rethink, review, and reset to become more robust and resilient as we strive towards recovery. The promotion and development of sustainable tourism are even more relevant in the current context with the pandemic. It is now important for us to build on the foundation that we have with robust reforms that will bring greater benefits for all through sustainable and inclusive tourism. It is my sincere hope that the Tourism Policy of the Kingdom of Bhutan, 2021 will guide and benefit the industry stakeholders and the country in promoting sustainable tourism.”

Lyonpo Dr.Tandi Dorji, Minister for Ministry of Foreign Affairs/ Chairperson Tourism Council of Bhutan

Courtesy : Excerpts from the Tourism Policy of the Kingdom of Bhutan 2021.

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