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Unique Bhutan Tourism

“Bhutan Tourism is unique ” as the only way to travel to Bhutan, is by booking your travel through a Tour Agent licensed by the Royal Government of Bhutan and based in Bhutan, and registered member with the Tourism Council Of Bhutan.

After arrangements with the Tour Agent in Bhutan, the tourists/visitors have to pay upfront ALL Inclusive fee , which is not practiced anywhere else in the world. And only after this payment is received, Bhutan Visa is APPROVED.

The Tour Tariff or Tour Cost is already set by the Bhutan Government where a minimum Tour Tariff is set, and Tour Agents are NOT permitted to sell tours below this Minimum set Tariff.

As of now, the Tour Tariff has been set at USD 250 Per Person per Night and Government surcharges of USD 40 and 30 respectively per person per night have been charged on Single and Two Travelers. For 3+ Travelers No Surcharges are applicable.

For more information on Tour Cost and Prices Visit our Bhutan Tour Price and Costs page.

Bhutan’s tourism policy has hence been termed a ‘LOW VOLUME HIGH VALUE’ policy. It recognizes that infrastructure and resources in tourism are limited, and is founded on the principles of sustainability, economic viability, environmental soundness and cultural acceptability.Travelers to Bhutan pay a minimum of  US $ 250 a day because they know they cannot buy the same environment and culture anywhere else, at any price.

Bhutan is Not Expensive

At a glance USD 250 per day may sound high and to some atrociously high, BUT USD 250 includes,your accommodation, food, all ground travel and sight seeing, a personal guide,personal driver and all arrangements for your travel to Bhutan is made ready by Bhutan Jewel Travel. Apart from all arrangements,the best part is that Bhutan will be offering you a clean environment,rich culture and a living tradition, smiling and happy simple folks all around you….truly the last Shangrila on this Earth.

The vision for Bhutan tourism is:

To foster a vibrant industry as a positive force in the conservation of environment and promotion of cultural heritage that safeguards the sovereign status of the Nation and significantly contributes to Gross National Happiness.

Tourism Council of Bhutan’s Secretariat (TCBS) has recently undertaken a series of branding and marketing exercises and has adopted a tag-line that embraces the GNH concept, Bhutan – Happiness is a Place”.

Bhutan’s distinctive policy of Gross National Happiness was well received at the UN General Assembly in 2011 and the UN General Assembly formally adopted the concept of “Gross National Happiness” (GNH) as the 9th Millennium Development Goals.

Other Himalayan countries may offer more at lesser price but Bhutan is not comparable to these countries as Bhutan is Unique in its self and there are no words to describe what Bhutan stands for,there fore to understand and feel Bhutan, make a trip and your senses will be awakened and each to his own will be able to experience Unique Bhutan.

Therefore The Brand Name for Bhutan Tourism is – “Bhutan – Happiness Is a Place “

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