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Takin Festival

Bhutan’s National Animal is the Takin (Budorcas taxicolor). Its a beautiful animal with a legendary story for the Takin having the head of a Goat and the body of a cow. This festival is always held in the Trashithang grounds in Gasa,and usually takes place in the month of February.

This festival is to create awareness that the Takin is an endangered species, and yet because Bhutan protects these animals and have protected parks for them,its a very rare and exciting opportunity to be close to these animals during this festival time.

Gasa falls under the second largest reserve area of Bhutan and is the least populated district,thus the Takins freely roam on these land.

Gasa is known as the Organic district of Bhutan and is rich in medicinal plants. Gasa also boasts of the Hot spring water baths that cure many ailments including sinusitis problem. Gasa is about 5 hours drive from Thimphu(capital of Bhutan) and then continue another 2-3 hours from the Punakha District. Night halt in tents at the Trashithang grounds.

During this Festival, nomads pitch yak hair woven tents, cook local exotic meals, sell handmade crafts,bamboo items,leather goods and many other local items like yak butter and cheese. This festival helps the nomads to earn some money and thus helps them sustain their livelihood for the rest of the months.

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