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Special Tours are tours that need special attention and extra services:

Bhutan traditional marriages and wedding ceremony for Guests who wish to have these special moments made in Bhutan.You can have the ceremony as per Bhutan’s religious and traditional norms, but you cannot get the Marriage Certificate from the Courts in Bhutan. This is important to mention as tourists to Bhutan are of the assumption that Court Marriage certificates will be issued. 

Travelers can request for a Honeymoon tour in Bhutan where we will customize your tour in Bhutan with nice romantic places and sites to visit and enjoy and take you places where there is a love theme .

Celebrities can have no better place to travel than Bhutan as here people are still not the intrusive type and as a celebrity,although you will be recognized more in the urban area like Thimphu, you will not be disturbed as Bhutanese are very shy people and will never scramble for autographs and photos.

Bhutan has a range of hotels with 3 Star accommodation, 4 star accomodation and 5 Star accommodation so you can choose any of the starred hotels.

Bhutan Jewel Travel’s Special Tours to Bhutan

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