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Popular Sites to Visit in Trongsa :

  • Trongsa Dzong is one of the largest and longest Dzong in the country. The town is located in the center of Bhutan. The town is the most charming among of all Bhutanese towns. The town’s vista is traditional in appearance as the wooden slatted houses line up together on the side of the hill.
  • The Monarchs Museum : The Royal Family has strong links with Trongsa. Both the first and the second king ruled the kingdom from Trongsa’s ancient Dzong. The Crown Prince of Bhutan normally holds the position of Trongsa Penlop prior to ascending the throne.
  • Chendbji Chorten
  • Bhutan Green Tea Garden at Samchholing

Excursions in Trongsa

  • Kuenga Rabten
  • Semji Village

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