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Nomads Festival

Nomads Festival takes place in Bumthang every year around the month of February before the nomads head back up to the mountains, and this festival showcases the Nomads of Bhutan, their nomadic livelihood, their goods and foods.

This festival is a very simple one whereby tourists to Bhutan can enjoy the nomads’ cuisine, check out the hand made goods that they bring along to sell so that they earn some money, and with this earnings they buy daily essentials like rice, salt, oil etc and take it back with them to their pasture lands in the mountains.

During this festival guests can participate in the local games of “Tug of War”, “stone pelting”, “khuru “(local game) and enjoy the cultural dance and songs performed by the students and locals of Bhumthang. By the way the winners get prizes too.

Guests can also take Hot stone baths and enjoy the local brew. Bumthang is famous for buckwheat noodles.

Tourists can witness and partake in this Festival by informing Bhutan Jewel Travel prior to coming to Bhutan so that it can be included in the itinerary and bookings at the eco camp and farm houses (no hotels in this festival area) can be made.

Also you can travel by car to Bumthang or take the domestic flight.

This festival can be done along with your tour plan in Bhutan.

This festival starts around 8 to 9 am in the morning, a sequence of events take place and closes by evening.

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