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Frequently Asked Questions when planning a trip to Bhutan

Many First Time Travelers to Bhutan have many questions on How to Travel to Bhutan and How to Book a Tour with a Reliable Bhutan Tour Operator or Agent. Here are some relevant answers and information for a trip to Bhutan.

1. How Do I start planning my Trip to Bhutan?

First search for “Bhutan Travel Agents” and “Tour and Trek Operators” in Bhutan. Write to them and which ever one you trust after communicating with them then come down to choosing the best one that you feel will cater to your needs and you feel you can trust their commitments and assurance. After you choose you agent in Bhutan, then get a tour itinerary and start booking your flights for Bhutan first before you book the other connecting flights. This is because in Bhutan we just have 2 airlines and at high season these flights will be completely booked. And since you don’t have too many airlines to choose from, it is of  paramount importance that the flight is booked first. Remember that you TRAVEL VISA to Bhutan can only be got by booking with a Bhutan Government Licensed Bhutan Tour Agent and Tour Operator.

2. How To get a Bhutan Travel  and Tourist Visa?

Once you have decided and locked on your Bhutan Agent, Your Bhutan Travel Agent will process your Travel Visa for you. For this we will require a copy of your passport and you have to fill out a Bhutan Visa Form, which will be mailed to you after you have confirmed your Bhutan Tour.

3. When is the best time and season to Travel to Bhutan ?

Bhutan is a travel destination that you can go anytime. However Bhutan Tourism has divided travel into two seasons in a year of “High” and “Standard” tourist seasons. High season usually means visiting more popular Festivals in Bhutan like the Paro, Thimphu, Punakha and Bumthang Festivals , climatic conditions are great for trekking, and there is more activities like the villagers working their fields meaning loads of fresh local vegetables, and of course the Daily Minimum Tour Tariff is USD 250 per person per night + Government Surcharges for 1 and 2 travelers.

Standard Season means you may encounter rain and the weather will be colder. But still a great time to visit Bhutan as there are Festivals going on in other Districts of Bhutan, less tourists in all places, skies are clear blue in winters and of course the Daily Minimum Tour Tariff is just USD 200 per person per night + Government Surcharges for 1 and 2 travelers.

Rest visit to temples, fortresses (Dzongs), museums, arts and crafts markets and other outlets, and may other sightseeing remains the same for both High and Standard Seasons.

4. How Expensive is a Trip to Bhutan ? What is the Price and Costs For Travel and Tour Package to Bhutan?

Most people planning a trip to Bhutan have the misconception that Bhutan is Expensive. But if your really consider the Daily Fixed Tariff and the services that are all inclusive in this Tariff, then you realize that Bhutan is a great bargain and its not expensive at all.

Bhutan Tourism is such that rates are all fixed by the Government on a Per person Per night basis, and presently it is USD 250 for High Season and USD 200 for the Low Season. ADD: Government Surcharges of USD 40 and USD 30 for a single and two travelers respectively. These rates include all taxes, royalty, accommodation, all 3 meals, entry fees, ground travel with sightseeing, along with a personal Guide and Driver. If on trekking, then the porters, cooks, camping equipments are all included.

So there are no hidden costs and all you do is relax and enjoy your Bhutan tour.

For more on Tour Price and Costs , and the Services Included , Please go to :

(Full Information On Tour Cost and Prices and All Services Provided and Included in These Rates)

5. How Safe is Bhutan and Can a Single Traveler be safe in Bhutan, especially women travelling alone in Bhutan?

Why not…Indeed Bhutan is the safest place on Earth. Bhutan being a Buddhist country we believe in helping and caring for all living and sentient beings . So even if you are Single person traveling to Bhutan, no one will harm nor cheat you. Also you will have your personal Guide to escort you where ever you wish to go. Bhutan Tourism does not permit tourists to backpack on their own. All travel to Bhutan has to be booked through a Bhutan Travel Agent and then only your Bhutan Visa is approved. However, you do not feel invaded as the Guide will leave you alone when ever you wish to enjoy some time alone.

One BIG Reason for Bhutan being Very safe is that, its a Matriarchal Society so most women are the Head of the family and also many businesses are taken care of by the women, so such a society will be very safe.

6.What currencies can be used in Bhutan? can I use Credit Cards in Bhutan?

Credit Cards like Visa and MasterCard can be used in the Bhutan ATMs, where you can withdraw cash in the local currency. You can also use the credit cards in many handicrafts shops and hotels. However for certain expenses like buying stuffs from local artisans, eating at local restaurants, tipping people may need some cash.

Currency like the American and Australian Dollars, Euros, Swiss Frank, Japanese Yen can be exchanged at all banks or at the airport.

For safety and back up bring along Travelers Checks / cheques so that you don’t face any problem if the ATMs don’t work.

NOTE: Indian INR of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 Notes are illegal for use in Bhutan so please avoid bringing in these notes as if you are caught it can be confiscated.

7.Should I Tip my Guide and Driver and How Much to Tip Bhutan Guides and Drivers ?

Tipping is not mandatory but its always courteous to tip your Guide and Driver after the tour is over. You tip a little amount if their services were OK, and tip to your hearts content if they were really good and helpful and caring during your Bhutan Trip.

We at Bhutan Jewel Travel strongly condemn any misbehavior and uncaring attitude of Guides and Drivers towards the Guests of this office, and in case of any misbehavior or offensive attitude by the Guide or the Driver, there is “NO Question of Tipping Them”. Instead we request our Guests to inform us immediately regarding their behavior  and we will Take Strict Action on them,whereby, if the offence is very serious in nature then we can even request the Bhutan Government for the termination of their Guide and Drivers License,apart from being legally prosecuted.

It is our King’s royal command that no Guests of Bhutan should be harmed in any way and we uphold such noble words.

For More on Tipping Guides and Drivers Please go to:

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