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5 Easy Steps on How to Travel to Bhutan

Very often tourists and travelers wanting to visit Bhutan are not sure how to get to Bhutan and how to organize their Bhutan tour.

1. Book a tour with a Bhutan Travel Agent and Tour Operator

It is mandatory that all travel and tours to Bhutan has to be booked through a Bhutanese licensed Travel Agent and Tour Operator. Since we are a Licensed Travel Agent in Bhutan,you can send us an inquiry for a full Inclusive tour package for Bhutan.

2. Air Travel / Flights to Bhutan

Bhutan has two airlines “Druk Air” and  “Bhutan Airlines” alias Tashi Air. Bhutan  connects with Bangkok in Thailand, Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai in India, Kathmandu in Nepal, Dhaka in Bangladesh and Singapore. You can check all the latest updated Flight Schedule on our website.

3. Road Travel

Travel to Bhutan can be made via road and entry will be via India through the Bhutan bordering towns of Phuentsholing in the South Western Bhutan, Samdrup jongkhar in Eastern Bhutan and Gelephug in Southern Bhutan. We recommend that you enter through Phuentsholing as it is closer to Thimphu and Paro from where you can start your tour.

You can use the Samdrup jongkhar entry or exit point only if you are continuing your trip through Assam on the Indian front.

4. Mail Us

You can write to us at bhutanjewel@gmail.com

After we receive your mail, we will get back to you.Once we agree on the type of Bhutan Tour, we will 100% process your Bhutan Travel Visa and your Travel to Bhutan is CONFIRMED.

5. Further Help

If further help is required then mail us and we will advice you the best. Mail us at bhutanjewel@gmail.com OR CONTACT US HERE

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