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Travel and Tourist Visas

This How You Apply For Bhutan Travel or Tourist Visa.

Bhutan Travel and Tourist Visa CAN NOT be applied nor issued from any where else, like from Bhutan Embassies in another country. The only way you can get a Tourist Visa is by booking your Travel with a Licensed Bhutan  Tour Operator or a Licensed Bhutan Tour Agent

Applying for a Bhutan Travel or Tourist Visa is very easy. Bhutan’s Tourism Policy mandates that all travel to Bhutan has to be booked through a Licensed Bhutan Tour and Travel Operator or Agents. So first contact a Licensed Tour Operator or Travel Agent based in Bhutan.

Write to a Bhutan Agent, and after your travel to Bhutan is confirmed for the decided dates of travel, then a Visa Application Form needs to be filled out and this filled out form is sent as mail attachment, along with your passport copy. The Bhutan Agent submits this form and your Bhutan Tour Itinerary to the Tourism Council of Bhutan and Department of immigration for approval.

The next step is that you have to wire transfer the entire tour money to the Bhutan Agent who then deposits the entire tour money into the Bhutan Government Account. After the money is received by the Government, your Bhutan Visa is APPROVED and then a copy of your visa is sent vial email attachment to you.

You print out this Bhutan Visa, and on your travel to Bhutan, you bring with you this visa along with your confirmed air tickets if your are flying into Bhutan, or produce this visa at the entry point if travel is via road.

Download Bhutan Visa Form Here

Apart from the Tour Price, your Bhutan Visa for Single Entry costs USD 40 Per person just one time payment.