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Bhutan Trekking Season

#Trekking in #Bhutan,When Is the Best Bhutan Trek Season or Months

Trekkers to Bhutan can safely assume that the Best Season to trek in Bhutan is any months in a year except for the Monsoon season spanning during the Months of July and August.

Bhutan has a wide choice of treks for the summer and winter months. Here is a table to give trekkers an insight into when to trek in Bhutan.

      NAME OF THE TREK                            TREKKING SEASONS
  Jan   Feb   Mar   Apr   May   Jun   Jul  Aug   Sep   Oct   Nov   Dec
  Dur Hot Spring Trek    G    G    G     G     G
  Gangtey Gogona Trek     G    G    G    G     G    G    G     G     G     G
 Samtengang Winter Trek     G    G    G    G     G    G     G     G     G
  Chele La Nature Trek    G    G     G    G    G     G     G
  Druk Path Trek    G    G     G    G    G     G     G
  Punakha Winter Trek    G    G     G    G     G     G     G
  Jumolhari Trek I + II    G    G     G    G    G     G
  Laya Gasa Trek    G    G    G    G     G     G
  Snowman Trek     G    G    G
  Bumthang Cultural Trek     G    G     G    G    G     G     G
  Gasa Hot Spring Trek     G     G     G     G     G
  Dagala Thousand Lakes    G    G     G
  Rodungla Trek      G     G
    “G” refers to good season for trekking.

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