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Find Your Happiness in Bhutan

Happiness is NATURE

  • Feel the fresh grass under a blanket of stars
  • Add 565+ species of birds in your ornithology dictionary
  • Spot wildlife from a boat on the Manas river
  • Take a leisurely walk through the pristine forests
  • Hike through the tapestry of Bhutanese colors
  • Explore the wild array of flora and fauna
  • Scroll through protected national parks
  • Relieve city stress in nature’s lap
  • Just sit high and immerse in the nature below

Happiness is WELLNESS

  • Rejuvenate with herbal and hot stone bath
  • Heal your mind with yoga and meditation
  • Immerse in natural Himalayan hot spring
  • Try our indigenous therapies
  • Experience the calmness of nature
  • Try your skills with organic cooking from a selection of your favorite organic food
  • Enjoy a session on meditation with a renowned master
  • Treat your lungs with a breath of fresh air everyday

Happiness is CULTURE

  • Sleep under the rafters of an ancients farmhouse
  • Cook Bhutanese dishes and lose your palate to the taste of Ema datshi ( chilly cheese curry relished in Bhutan )
  • Savor the locally brewed alcohol, Ara and chnagkey Fried with eggs
  • Rest by a bonfire to drift away to the soothing melody of folklore music
  • Join in a traditional dance
  • Get married in Bhutan like a royal couple
  • Renew your wedding vows the Bhutanese style
  • Milk a cow and try your skills in cheese and butter making

Happiness is TREKKING

  • Unwind at a yak herder’s camp with hot butter tea
  • Wade through fresh mountain creeks
  • Experience the medieval ambiance of nomad lifestyles
  • Embark on the trails of Himalayan trek routes
  • Traverse the trails of wild blossoms
  • Earn a reward of breathtaking landscapes
  • Challenge yourself on the Snowman Trek
  • Find Happiness by having a meal by a river side
  • Reach the laps of the glacial lakes
  • Awake your senses to the chill winds and the wildness of the mountain Fauna
  • Sleep in tents listening to nature in all its form
  • Enjoy the freshly cooked meals

Happiness is FESTIVAL

  • Join the locals in their finest attires and relish their festival meals
  • Realize the meaning of life through the acts of dances
  • Meet and take selfies with the Atsara, the life of the festival
  • Let the sight of giant Scroll (Thongdrel) enliven your spirit
  • Receive blessings from rare displays of scared relics
  • Dress in Bhutanese costume by choosing your favorite color


  • Spread merit by hosting prayer flags
  • Practice yoga amid the serene environment
  • Sooth your soul reading your favorite book by the riverside
  • Sit with monks through the changing of prayers
  • Discover your inner-self with meditation
  • Take part in annual rituals with the locals
  • Take lessons on Buddhism from a Buddhist master
  • Light butter lamps and make a wish
  • Camp near a temple far away and give a helping hand to the temple care taker

Happiness is ADVENTURE

  • Enjoy bicycling on some of the world’s highest road passes
  • Challenge yourself in paddy plantation
  • Hit the bulls eye with the traditional bow and arrow
  • Bike through medieval trails
  • Meet monks on hilltop monasteries
  • Experience the lesser traveled areas of Bhutan
  • Learn the art of preparing traditional tea, Suja and some Bhutanese meals of chilly and cheese
  • Romance the untamed rivers
  • Play the traditional sport KHURU, a sharp edged nail on a hand held wood with a few feathers to take accurate flight to its target

Happiness Is FOOD

  • Relish the Bhutanese dishes like the Chilly cheese curry, Cheese with potatoes, local regional delicacies like buck wheat bread and pan cakes, dumplings filled with turnips,or mashed cooked rice made into a pizza like with walnut toppings and many more such dishes
  • Taste exotic seasonal foods like the many kinds of Mushrooms of Matsutake, Chanterelle and many more of which we only know their local names. Then we have the wild ferns, underground apple,naturally processed cheese,wild orchids and sweet potatoes, bamboo shoots etc
  • Then ofcourse we have the local vegetables and herbs which are all organically grown and we have local butter, eggs and Bhutan’s world renowned Red Rice
  • Enjoy the fruits of apples, oranges, banana, cardamom, apricot, pears, peaches,cherries,guava,walnuts, and grapes

Happiness is just being in Bhutan

  • Stay as many nights in one place if you just want to relax and enjoy the surrounding places
  • Tell us what you like doing and we can have it done for you, provided it’s doable
  • As time unwinds in Bhutan, you may want to do more than what you’d have thought while coming to Bhutan…just let us know and we can work on it.
  • Bhutan is listening to you. Communicate openly with us so that we know what you’d like as we understand each individual person is unique in themselves and each ones choices, likes and dislikes and temperaments differ

Planning for a trip to Bhutan?

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