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Special Events Festivals

Bhutan Local Festivals are celebrated on Special Events, particular Season or at an important locality.

Special Events Festivals are Bhutan Festivals that do not have fixed dates for each year like the Local Cultural and religious festivals of Bhutan.

Bhutan celebrates Rhododendron Festival which takes place in the Spring season, the Mushroom Festival which takes place in the Summer months, The Takin (National Animal of Bhutan) Festival which takes place during the Fall autumn month, and the Black Necked Crane Festival on the onset of winter season. And other local Festivals like the Nomads Festival, Mountain Festival and so many more.

As and when the Venue and festival dates are confirmed in Bhutan, we at Bhutan Jewel Travel updates the information on our website. Just in case if tourists have already entered Bhutan, then we inform them if they are near the venue,so that they can decide if they wish to partake in these festivals.

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