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Jhomolhari Mountain Festival

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 Jhomolhari Mountain Festival; 

Every Year in Bhutan when the rains recede and the weather is perfect to trek, Bhutan holds its Jhomolhari Mountain Festival .

Jigme Dorji Wangchuck National Park in collaboration with other organizations in Bhutan organize this Mountain Festival and is every year held at Jangothang (Jhomolhari Base camp)

The festival involves the communities of Soe Yutey (Thimphu) and Soe Yaksa (Paro).

The festival has been organized in keeping with the request from the local communities residing in and around snow leopard area. The festival is for local people; however if any tourists happen to be trekking in that area on that particular date it’s an opportunity for them to join the festival. Many International Tourists even book their travel to Bhutan to witness this Festival.

Various programs are planned for the festival such as local cuisine, showcasing of local culture and tradition, yak/ horse riding, Cultural performance, and sale of local products like ropes,bags,jackets etc made from yak wool.

Jumolhari is a mountain peak in Bhutan and is very sacred and also know by the locals as Ama Jomo which means “Mother Jomo” and is considered a local deity of that region.

Jomolhari Mountain Festival is an Annual 2 Day Festival and each day starts at 9 am till late evening with the whole day having many cultural events of songs, dances and local games

There are also a few hours trek/hike to the lake and local community homes. Tourists can choose their hikes from the 4 hike routes given below:

  1. Tshophu Trek – (4-5 hours round trip): This trek is a visit to the twin lakes of Tshophu with a grand view of the Mount Jichu Drakey and Mount TsheringGang
  2. Lhaliphu Hike- (3 hours round trip) : This is a hike to the Mount Jhomolhari Glaciers
  3. Bagala Hike – (3 hours round trip): This is a hike to see the Mount Jichu Drakey glaciers
  4. Thomphuna Hike – (2 hours round trip): This is a visit to a community in Soe Yutoe,where citizen scientists reside with camera trap locations to capture the movements of the Snow Leopards.

The Jhomolhari Mountain Festival is a great experience not just for Travelers to Bhutan but even for most Bhutanese as it was initiated only in 2013.

Book Early for a visit to this festival so that all arrangements are made perfectly for a camp site at the festival venue.


                                  FESTIVAL DATES For Year 2022 

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