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Matsutake – Bhutan Mushroom Festival

#Matsutake (#Mushroom) #Festival in #Bhutan: Starting July and through August and September,its the Matsutake Mushroom season in Bhutan.The Bhutanese people usually eat these mushrooms by cooking with chilly and local cheese,however these days, the simple soup of just boiling the mushroom with a pinch of salt and a little butter is become quite common.

Although In Bhutan, the Matsutake Mushroom is found in Thimphu Valley too,the “Matsutake Mushroom Festival” is always held in the Bumthang Valley.

The Festival dates For 2014 are over but you can book for 2015 and the dates of  the  Matsutake Mushroom Festival for 2015 are 23rd and 24th August.

Bumthang Valley in Central Bhutan prides in this three-day festival, held annually in August, and celebrates the harvest of the fabled wild Matsutake mushrooms of Bhutan. Prized by gourmets around the world, and especially in Japan.The Matsutake mushroom is native to the forest of the Ura Valley in central Bhutan. These mushrooms grow in clusters at the base of pine trees at an altitude of more than 9,842 feet. They are collected once a year during harvesting season, which occurs sometime during July through September. The people of Ura walk for hours to the forest to collect these fungi. The festival brings the opportunity not only to sample the delicious Matsutake mushroom and take part in sustainable harvesting practices, but also to gain an insight into this Bhutanese customs, enjoy folk music, witness sacred dances, and explore the region’s exquisite temples and monasteries.

Since the Japanese People love their Matsutake Mushroom, this festival would be a great time to enjoy the fresh Matsutake Mushroom prepared by the locals in Bhutan, thus we specifically call on the people of Japan.

For travelers from Japan, mail us your travel plan and we will organize your Bhutan tour with a Japanese Guide with a visit to the Matsutake Festival.

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