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Haa Summer Festival

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Haa is one of the Districts (although located near to the Capital city Thimphu) in Western Bhutan that opened to tourist visits very late due to security reasons. Thus Haa is still very rural and beautifully intact.

Haa Summer Festival usually takes place annually around the month of July where the flowers are in bloom and villages are lively with ongoing chores of vegetable gardening, mushroom picking etc and some have a nomads life style rearing Yaks and churning butter and cheese.

This festival show cases the Rich Alpine Flowers, local folk lore and culture.

It’s a 2 Days festival with events starting from morning and have many events of songs,dances,local cusines,local products display and local games for one and all.

High light of the festival is its local cusines,locally prepared and the display of Shaman costumes and ornaments.

Visitors can try their hand at the Archery match, and local games like Khuru, Dego etc. Also there is the competition in measuring the rice and butter in traditional measuring scales and the winner gets a reward too.

All travelers to Bhutan can contact us directly if you wish to partake in this Haa Summer Festival.

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