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Far Out East Bhutan Trek

Choice of trekking route for the tourists in Bhutan has become wider with an additional route. The new route, Far-Out East Bhutan, has been developed in an effort to also promote Trashi Yangtse which is an exotic tourism destination not visited by many tourists to Bhutan.

The trek, which starts just below the ruins of Tsenkharla Dzong, could last for almost a week. It routes through lhakhangs, villages and waterfall before reaching Omba Ney, the main attraction.

The holy place of Omba Ney is believed to be visited by Guru Rinpochoe, and has ‘Om’ inscribed on a rock.

The route has been made easier with the construction of two traditional bridges. Railings have been also constructed at the Ney site.

This trek route passes through dozens of villages. The trek ends after descending to Gonza Gonpa and walking through Gongrichhu to the end of the road
 near Doksum.

As and when this new Trek Route Itinerary is finalized we will be putting it up on this page for information.

(Above Information Courtesy to BBS-National TV Broadcaster of Bhutan)

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