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Bhutan Festival Dates and Tours

In Bhutan, practically every district celebrates a festival at different times of the year. These festivals are sacred and are attended by the locals to learn about the past when the Saint Guru Rimpoche was spreading Buddhism in Bhutan and to receive blessing from these festivals and the present Great Lamas that preside over the festivals.

These festivals are religiously attended by the locals of the district and people from other districts of Bhutan. Various Mask Dances and Dramas are performed and enacted by the Monk Body and then there are the traditional dances performed by the local groups. Some districts differ in their performances in accordance with what was passed down from their predecessors and the past events that took place at that particular place.

Tourists to Bhutan are permitted to attend these festivals with their respective Cultural Guides. The Guides usually explain the significance of the festival dances and prayers and Tourists are adviced not to intrude into the sanctity of the festivals by joking, laughing and clicking pictures etc which would disturb the performers.

Bhutan Jewel Travel, on request from their Guests, do take the Guests to attend the festivals. Thus if there is anyone wanting to visit any one of the festivals do let us know pre hand when we are discussing your Bhutan Tour Itinerary, so that we can include a day or two in the itinerary to attend these unique to Bhutan Festivals, of the Dragon Kingdom.

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