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Nyilo In Bhutan

Nyilo in Bhutan is always a National Holiday

Nyilo a day coinciding with the “Winter Solstice” is an auspicious day celebrated as a New Year in Bhutan.

This day is an age old tradition especially practiced in the Western Districts of Bhutan namely,Thimphu,Punakha,Wangdue Phodrang, Haa and Paro.

On this day Children are the focus here as it’s believed that Children with innocent minds bring good luck and a great year ahead.

Nyilo means a “A Good Year” and children on the eve of Nyilo recite ancient verses which basically wish the best for the house, home and family of the people these children go to visiting to. In return, a member of the family or head of the family give these children gifts, and it’s said that the gift should contain all necessary food essentials like butter, salt, rice, wheat etc. and should be given in good measure so that the family can look ahead to get plenty in the coming year.

It’s also believed that children should be in odd numbers when visiting homes, as even numbers bring bad luck.

Nyilo has been practiced in Bhutan since ancient times but there is no specific record of when it started, however some say, it was a tradition started during Shabdrung’s time in Bhutan, however this cannot be confirmed with any concrete proof.

This was a dying tradition but Bhutan is making every effort to revive this dying tradition of the “Wang-Tsho-Chey-Gey” meaning the Western parts of Bhutan.

This year on 1st January 2013, the children visited the Royal Couple the “King and Queen of Bhutan” and recited the “Lolay Verses” for the Royal Couple. They were presented with gifts from the Royal Couple.

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