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Trekking Overview

It may seem unbelievable BUT Bhutan’s mountains have NEVER been climbed. This is because the Bhutanese believe that the Gods and the local Protecting Deities live in these beautiful abodes and they should not be disturbed. Thus Bhutan’s environment is the cleanest in the world and we have the most refreshing sweet fresh waters, some of which have been bottled and sold as high end exotic drinking waters from Bhutan.

Welcome to Bhutan and enjoy trekking in the Prestige environment where you could drink the Sparkling water that is free of cost and natures gift. On Bhutan’s Trek Path one will not find many trekkers as the tourists to Bhutan is governed by the Royal Bhutan Government’s Tourism Policy of ” High Value, Low Impact”.

Bhutan Jewel Travel organizes many Trekking Package that are available in different regions of Bhutan and depending on your time of arrival and stay in Bhutan we will recommend the best Trek Package for your time in Bhutan.

Some of the Popular Trek Routes are:

Bhutan Laya Gasa Trek

Druk Path Trek

Bhutan’s Jomolhari / Jumolhari Trek

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