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7 Reasons Why You Must Visit Bhutan

Most people when planning their travel, they will be comparing many destinations to check how secure is the country for travel, for its easy visa process, friendliness of the people, what’s there with nature, environment, landscapes, what tour  and trek activities are available, and last but the most important being what’s the money that they might have to spend to enjoy their travel.

So then here comes the question again… So, why visit Bhutan?

1. Bhutan’s Own Strong Identity

Bhutan is a small Himalayan country nestled between two Giant Countries of India and China, yet Bhutan has never been influenced in anyway by any of these countries. Bhutan has its own identity of being a free country for all times till now. Thus Bhutan is nothing like India, China or any other country and the only way to know if this is true is to visit Bhutan.

2Gross National Happiness – Happiness is a Place


Bhutan does not always compete with the rest of the world for materialistic gains and financial developments. Here in Bhutan, all the policies of the Nation have a scrutiny test under the strong scanner of the concept of Gross National Happiness (GNH), where every policy has to fulfill the conditions of the GNH Guidelines. Thus, it’s the Happiness of the People that is focused for the end result rather than just the monetary gains.

3. Very Strong Culture and Traditions Even in Modern Era

Bhutan still has a very lively culture and traditions where nothing much has changed and even today follow the traditions that our forefathers used to follow, that’s why we still have the colorful Festivals, the daily rituals in each Bhutanese Homes, the now and then prayer ceremony and blessings, visit to ancient and new temples. Basically we live like there is no one else around us but live with our strong beliefs and practice what we were handed down by our ancestors.

4. Nature

Paro Valley during summers

In Bhutan every tree, every mountain, every hill, every animal, every insect, in short everything nature has created, we respect it and worship our pristine and majestic mountains, feel blessed by the clear running mountain waters, save animals that are about to be slaughtered, even as an agrarian country, we try not to kill the pests that eat and destroy our crops…We Bhutanese try and keep everything as nature has given us and that’s why we have so much forest (70% forest cover-out of which 40% is Reserved protected parks so that the Birds and animals and insects can all live in peace) and our Mountains have never been climbed. It’s believed that deities live on the clean pure mountains and there have been incidences of the deities turning violent with thick mists, and heavy hail storms and rains when trek expeditions tried to climb these Mountains from the China side. Thus all expeditions have failed till now.

5. Great Future for Bhutan

For future policies of the Nation, Bhutan is already striving to become a Green Clean Carbon Neutral Country when all other nations in this world are already heavy contributors to Global warming and Carbon emission.

6. Many Healthy Tours

Cycling in Bhutan

Bhutan being so natural and clean, all tours, like Cultural and Leisure Tours, Treks, Biking, Motor Biking, Kayaking, Visiting Festivals, etc can all be done here in Bhutan cause we have the perfect environment of just such bounties of Nature, so much fresh air and most importantly a Happy Bhutanese face at every turn you take.

7. Taste the Bhutanese Food

Bhutanese Food

Rice is the staple diet of Bhutan apart from the fact that Bhutanese are fond of meat especially in the dried form, like dried Yak and Beef, dried fish,dried pork. Chilly is eaten like a vegetable and Bhutanese food is very spicy. Emadatsi is one of the main curry made from chilly and cheese and tourists have fallen for this taste too. We have very exotic dishes too made from wild orchids, bamboo shoots,mushrooms,wild ferns.

Now after knowing what Bhutan can offer and what Bhutan stands for..Do you still think that there is a better place to visit other than BHUTAN?

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