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Unique and Bizarre Bhutan Foods

Bhutanese Food is said to be spicy. Chilli is the main ingredient in every food item that a Bhutanese prepares.

Bhutanese Food

The Bhutan people usually cook and eat the following foods:

  • Dried Pork with chilly and cheese
  • Dried Pork with just chilly and maybe add some potatoes or onion leaves
  • Slender Dried Beef with Chilly
  • Dried Beef chopped into tiny pieces and cooked with cheese and chilly
  • Dried beef made with chilly, potatoes or lettuce or cabbage or dried pumpkin
    , or onion leaves
  • Potato sliced and cooked with chilly and cheese
  • Cabbage with cheese and chilly
  • Dried Beef eaten with a paste of chilly
  • Dried or fresh chilly prepared with local cheese.
  • Local Eggs with chilly pieces and made with a little soup
  • And many more of mix and match foods

However there are some bizarre foods that the Bhutan People eat and not many tourists and visitors to Bhutan would have eaten these foods unless of course if the travel agent or tour operator introduces the tourists to these foods.

Some of the unique foods are:

  • Fermented and almost rotten local cheese made with chilly or potatoes: The cheese smell horrible to someone who has not eaten this before but is deliciously relished by the Bhutanese family
  • Yak meat kept in solid pieces and made to rot first and then dried to some extent. Once ready to eat the smell goes away and you have a soft, fleshy meat which is directly sliced and eaten with chilly paste or chilly pickle
  • Leather as some would say, but in Bhutan, Yak and Beef hides are cleaned thoroughly, soaked in hot water and cleaned, then its boiled until ready to eat. This is then cooked with chilly and fried with onion, garlic and eaten. Let me mention here that this dish is a delicacy in Bhutan
  • In a beef or Yak meat, practically every part is eaten, like the meat, the lungs, the stomach, the hide, and the bones cooked as a soup cum curry, each item made in a different way but with chilly as always.
  • Exotic Mushrooms from the wild cooked with Chilly and local cheese
  • Bhutanese eat the wild orchids once again cooked with chilly and local cheese, and some small slices of pork.

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