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Bhutan a Green and Carbon Neutral Destination

Bhutan Tourism – A Green and Carbon Neutral Destination:

Tourism anywhere else in the world is a big contributor towards emission of Green house Gas. However in Bhutan it is not so because Bhutan is one of the few countries in the world that is currently a net sequester of carbon; and, Bhutan is taking proactive measures to become a carbon neutral destination.

There are realistic indicators to prove that Bhutan is truly a Green and environment friendly Country because of the following reasons:

  • Compared to most countries around the world, Bhutan’s tourism industry is very small and therefore has a very small carbon footprint. And Bhutan is working towards a carbon neutral tourism industry.
  • Aircraft emissions are a key contributor towards greenhouses gases BUT Bhutan has only two airlines, which implies it will be relatively straightforward to determine emissions and take mitigating actions.
  • Bhutan places a high value on its carbon neutrality. This is viewed to be a key pillar of its Gross National Happiness (GNH) policy and tourism is one sector where the policy of GNH is imbibed in every policy that they make or implement.
  • Hydro-power is the main driver of the country’s economy – it is also a renewable green energy, consistent with Brand Bhutan and the ‘feel good’ image tourists, and a green tourism industry like to be associated with traveling to Bhutan.

The Tourism Packages

A low-carbon tourism product consists of elements such as use of renewable energy sources and energy efficient transportation with measurements of the carbon footprint for a wider range of the products and services in the tourism supply chain. During your stay in Bhutan, visitors will experience the low carbon lifestyle of villagers and communities in Bhutan. The new products from all parts of Bhutan, tailored for sustainable and cost effective tourism experiences, include Community Based Tourism Packages, Sports and Recreation Activities, Therapeutic Wellness Retreats, Nature and Culture Discoveries, Arts and Handicraft Appreciation.

Some Exemplary Tours and Treks Packages are:

Trek the Path of the Thunder Dragon : Trekking is a perfect way to discover the unique natural scenery as well as monasteries, stupas and fascinating ancient architecture which cannot be found anywhere else than in the Land of Happiness. Visitors will fall in love with the fresh air and the beauty of the high Himalayas in Bhutan.

Duration: 8-10 days Experiences: trekking in spectacular countryside, camping, breath-taking mountain views, cultural heritage

West to East on Low Carbon Wheels : Mountain biking is the best way to discover Bhutan’s mountainous terrain. Bhutanese locals and visitors alike are drawn to this new sports tourism as it is low carbon friendly and gives an authentic experience by cycling off roads. As much as riders are expected to be adequately fit, our tour guides and van drivers are perfectly equipped with survival and safety skills required to master these routes.

Duration: 15 days Experiences: biking in spectacular scenery and visiting fortresses, monasteries and temples, overnight in camp sites and local home stays

Weave your Path in Bhutan on a Textile Trip : Traditional arts and crafts are highly appreciated in Bhutan. Woodwork, stonework, clay crafts, bronze casting, stone carving, painting, papermaking, weaving, tailoring and more are an integral part of families and villages which can be directly experienced by visitors on this tour.

Duration: 10-15 days Experiences: visit markets and farmhouses, offering an interesting glimpse into the lifestyle of a farming family; visit a carpet weaving factory; visit a painting school, where students undergo a 6-year training course in Bhutan’s 13 traditional arts and crafts; visit the National Institute of Traditional Medicine, where ancient healing arts such as acupuncture and herbalism are practiced; take an easy walk through paddy fields; visit traditional village houses to try out the art of weaving; visit a carpet weaving centre; take a trip to the local handloom weaving house and meet a weavers family and much more.

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