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Traditional Healing

Healing Methods Used:

Many in Bhutan refuse all allopathic treatment and instead opt just for these traditional medicines and use other traditional means of healing like soaking in steam bath or having a hot stone bath or soaking in natural hot springs.

In The Bhutan Traditional Medicine Hospital:  Usually patients are checked and diagnosed by feeling their pulse, examining their Urine and checking their tongue and eyes, apart from physically examining the patient. Then the doctor/physician prescribes the medicines or states the activities to be undergone for healing like maybe a minor surgery, or acupuncture with a Golden needle, or some other metals.

Chronic diseases like rheumatism, liver, arthritis and nervous disorders are treated here

Hot Stone Baths: is available in almost all villages in Bhutan. Stones are heated with burning fire using wood and then placed in water filled wooden bath tubs. It may get a bit murky due to erosion from the hot stones but it’s the medicinal benefit that we are concerned about. Then we can soak in this tub for as long as you can bear heat.

Whenever the water gets cold, we take the stones out and put new hot stones.

Whenever we feel too hot then we come out of the tub, stay out until cool and then soak once again.

Hot Stone bath is supposed to heal ailing joints, back aches and sinuses.

Hot Steam Baths: The steaming is usually done in the Traditional Hospital itself where one has to register for their turn which could take a few days or even a week depending on the number of patients in line. In the steam room herbs and minerals are put in the water and you are steamed in this.

Hot Spring Baths: Hot springs are located in different parts of Bhutan and people of Bhutan know which hot spring is good for which ailment so usually the Bhutanese people go on their own and camp in these areas and take the bath until they feel better.

Terms and Conditions for Bookings for a Medical Check Up in Bhutan:

  1. We at Bhutan Jewel Travel suggest this treatment for patients who are willing to try alternate methods of treatment for their ailment.
  2. Note that this booking is only for check up at the Institute of Traditional Medicines in Bhutan
  3. These prescribed treatments could help or may not help some patients so we cannot assure that every patient will be healed completely.
  4. For hot stone bath and hot spring baths, patients will have to travel to different parts of Bhutan for the healing process, which we at Bhutan Jewel Travel will be taking care of.
  5. For treatment purpose, if diets are prescribed, then Bhutan Jewel Travel will do their best in giving the patients the diet if available in the local markets.
  6. All accommodation and checkup will be arranged by Bhutan Jewel Travel
  7. Book your Bhutan Tour as early as possible so that we can make all arrangements and make appointments with the Physician without wasting time waiting for an appointment.
  8. Cost of Traveling to Bhutan and the Visa process will be the same as all travel to Bhutan mandated under the “Bhutan Tourism Policy”
  9. Extra Costs for medicines and other treatment like Hot stones baths etc will be charged separately.

Bhutan Jewel Travel Welcomes all to try the benefits of Bhutan’s Healing methods with Traditional Medicines. Who knows what benefits it could have on one’s health.

Travelers can try the Traditional healing process and tour the beautiful country of Bhutan which is a great destination for good health as nature is bountiful with greenery all around, sparkling clear waters, streams, lakes and clean fresh air to help you feel better.

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