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Retreat in Bhutan

Bhutan is known to the world because of its Gross National Happiness Index. This Index is to measure the Happiness of its people. The King and the Royal Government of Bhutan have accepted the fact that no amount of development and economic gain is worth the price of its people’s happiness. Thus Bhutan’s development is measured by the Gross National Happiness Index.

Bhutan is a Happy Country due to its simplicity of approach to life. We know that simply by protecting our environment and culture and daily practice of our ancient traditions, we can be much happier than having to pay the heavy irreversible price for a materialistic rapid and competitive development.

Thus Bhutan is unique for we do not compete with the world and we develop at our own pace. We have managed to protect Bhutan in a way that Bhutan has become a paradise where the Gods reside, where the environment is pristine, the skies are blue and so much greenery soothing to the eyes that the mind is at always at peace.

Visit Bhutan and find your own space for Happiness in one with nature and its people.

The BHUTAN HAPPINESS RETREAT has been created to give our Guests the Best of our Bhutanese Culture and enjoy the retreat into the Natural environment of Bhutan.

Bhutan Retreat Packages

Plan for your Retreat in Bhutan

Retreat in Bhutan will have the following activities:

  1. Hot Stone baths in a Village Home or Farm House or in locations that have natural hot springs to detox and enjoy the healing powers of these mineral waters
  2. A Hike to Jele Dzong: An Ancient Temple Fortress where we will camp for a 2 nights. You can meditate in the open or in the Temple and find your inner peace and happiness. A time to reflect into one’s life and make changes that can better your life hereinafter
  3. Visits to the many sacred temples and monasteries and visits to Village Homes and have meals in simple surroundings
  4. Day Hike to the Phajoding Monastery, which lies above the Thimphu Valley, and overlooking the entire valley below. A Hike to enjoy the nature.
  5. A Pranic Healing day to heal you for a better mental and physical health.
  6. Can make arrangements for Buddhist Prayer ceremony for long life, better health and happiness and to overcome obstacles in life
  7. For a longer time in the wilderness, we can organize a short trek to be on your own and enjoy the path of nature with freshly cooked meals along the way
  8. A MUST Visit site is the Chumphu Nye, also known as the Dorje Phamo site or the sacred temple of the “Flying Statue”. This is tale an entire day.

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