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Phajoding Hike In Thimphu

Phajoding Monastery is situated up in the Hills overlooking the entire Thimphu Valley. Its a monastic school for the Bhutanese young monks.

Phajoding Monastery’s location was perceived by the great Lama Phajo Drugom Zhigpo in the 13th century but the monastery was later built by the 9th Je Khenpo (Bhutan’s Chief Abbot) in mid 16th century.

Hiking to Phajoding Monastery: Most Bhutanese and the Tourist take a day hike to this monastery which is about 2 to 3 hours hiking uphill. Unlike in the past, now the walking/hiking trails have been remade for good comfortable walking. Phajoding Monastery hike is also the first leg or last leg when you go on the DRUK PATH Trek in Bhutan.

When in Thimphu, it is advisable to take this hike as its one of the most beautiful sites in Thimphu and because of its high hill location the Thimphu valley is a beauty below.

Also you can halt one to two nights around this monastery if you wish to visit the Sacred Lake Jimilangtsho which is about 7 hours hike from Phajoding Monastery.

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