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Chumphu Nye (Statue of the Floating Goddess) – Paro

Amazing Hike to Bhutan’s Chumphu Caves and the Floating Statue Site

Chumphu is in Paro, the western District of Bhutan. It takes about 7 to 8 hours hike to reach and visit this site and be back. After leaving your vehicle at the end of the road, the walk is casual and not too tiring as the hike path goes through the forests so there is a lot of shade and cool breeze.

Paro, Bhutan

Start Point to the Chumphu Nye, The Flying Statue Site in Paro Bhutan

Chumphu Nye, Paro, Bhutan

Hiking Trail Route to Paro Chumphu Nye

From here on its a medium to steep climb up to the Temple where the “Dorji Phamo – The flying Goddess” Or the “floating” statue is situated. Dorji Phamo is also known as Dorje Phamo or Vajravarahi.
This statue is very sacred and ancient as its believed that the Goddess Dorji Phamo flew from Tibet and stayed on in the form of a statue. She is a life size statue and believe it or not, her one leg is crossed at the knees and the other is standing but does not touch the ground.
Some people test this belief by passing a money note below her feet and it passes through smoothly without a hitch.

The other site to visit at Chumphu is the Guru Rimpoche Caves. There are several caves used by Guru himself and some caves used by his consorts like Khandom Mendharawa and Khandom Yeshey Tshokey.

There are water falls said to be the bathing place of Guru Padmasambhava and there are big rock opening said to be the opening gates to Heaven.
I have put some photos so that you can at least see what these places look like if your are unable to visit it.
However, inside the temple photography is not permitted so could not take a photo of the Floating Dorji Phamo.
For the Bhutanese people and all travelers and tourists to Bhutan, I recommend that you hike to this temple. The peace and joy you feel visiting this temple is just amazing and calming to the mind and soul.

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Courtesy: Bhutan Jewel Travel Blog

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