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Chimmi Lhakhang – Punakha

Chimmi Lhakhang is also known as the “Temple of fertility” and “Divine madman Temple”. In ancient times there was a Great saint, a very shabby looking Saint by the name of Lam Drukpa Kuenley” and he was known to teach in absurd ways whereby his “Phallus” was the main weapon and power for destruction of the evil that prevailed all over and in people.

Divine Madman Temple Bhutan

                                                                    Divine Madman Temple, Bhutan’s Temple of Fertility

En Route to this temple you will see the village houses of Sopsokha, adorned with all sizes and shapes of the “Phallus” that it gets awkward at times to be facing something so taboo by some people. But this Devine madman brought about this discomfort and embarrassment so that people cleanse themselves of their sins.

This 1499 AD temple is famous for couples who pray here to have a child and the child born after visiting this temple is said to be a gift from Lam Drukpa Kuenley. The couple who pray for a child is blessed on their heads with a wooden phallus.

It’s one of the beautiful walks through the village houses to this temple which sits on a hillock.


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