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Celebrity Bhutan Tour

This page of information on Bhutan Travel, is for the Celebrities, who have become a public figure, and where ever they go, they are noticed and chased for autographs or photos or just to have a peek at them , not realizing that Celebrities are normal human beings too and after a while they want some time on their own, either really private(all by themselves)  or share their time with family and friends like before acquiring the “celebrity Status”. Thus, I have dedicated this page to inform an Celebrities, what I can do for them while they visit and holiday in my beautiful and sacred country “ Bhutan”.

To be very HONEST… I have never ever been even next to a celebrity, forget taking a picture or saying a Hi, Hello..BUT I have read, heard and seen on the Television how they are chased and the media people sometimes have no concern for the celebrity person, such that, at times even their privacy is invaded and splashed all over the news and entertainment channels.

When I see such exposure on the TV channels, I always wondered, do these celebrities know that there is a beautiful Kingdom in the Himalayas, called BHUTAN. ????? Ok maybe because of their busy schedule they are unaware and its usually their personal secretaries, or some close friends and relatives that must be recommending a certain place for them for their holidays and vacations. And then I wish and wish that these people ( who are close and confident to these celebrities) should explore the entire earth for a destination and then Bhutan may come into their view.

Thus I take this space to connect with all the celebrities directly, assuming that at times they may be on their own at their computers and may just stumble upon Bhutan.

Bhutan is a country that has grown at its own pace and the celebrity fever has still not caught on here. Yes we had a few celebrities holidaying in Bhutan and yes some people, including  a friend of mine did recognize them…however when asked if they tried to get close for a photo or autography, most answers are “NO”…”Its awkward and I was shy”… Yes I understand them as Bhutanese people are shy by nature. So this is Bhutan and its people.

Bhutan Jewel Travel, will take care to insure that the Celebrities will feel at home and relaxed on their own, with finally the freedom to enjoy themselves anywhere in Bhutan, without people crowding and following them around, and without sly camera men trying to get all and any photo that can create a media hype.

We also ensure that apart from the freedom of being just you and your self, Bhutan jewel will personalize your itinerary that best suits your stay in Bhutan.

Do not worry there are good five star Hotels in Bhutan, but not everywhere, so if you decide to include Central and Eastern Bhutan in your Tour Itinerary to Bhutan, then you will have to stay in a Resort or farm house but it will be a unique experience rather than always being in the luxurious comfortable rooms of the starred Hotels. My assurance here is that, both the resorts and farm house stay will be very comfortable and clean.

To be frank, uptill now the Celebrities that have come to Bhutan are either Government Guests, Or they come directly through the International Chain of Hotels. But I wish that they would come through the local travel and tour agents in Bhutan, like myself as we have better local knowledge and you will experience Bhutan the True humble Bhutan and I assure you that it will be a package of complete fun and great experience and very memorable to relax on these thoughts once you are back in the Public eye and all the lime lights.

The Best of services, l ike your food, accommodation and transportation will be handled and taken care by us .

Trust Bhutan Jewel Travel and just leave the rest to us. We Care and understand you AND  whatever I have tried to convey above in my simple English, its just me and my way to connect with you all out there who want to relax and take a great vacation but fed up with the invasion into your personal and private life.

I personally understand that each one’s life is their own..but in your situation..people do not understand and think that your life is their front page.

Tashi Delek – Bhutan Jewel Travel

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