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Trekking Safety and Advice

The Bhutanese Trekking Guides are trained by the Tourism Council of Bhutan and know the first aid tips to help a sick trekker. Plus Trek Guides in Bhutan are also responsible to take care of the Trekkers garbage and dispose at the right places.

Health Safety: However, Trekkers in Bhutan need to know that there could be serious altitude sickness as Bhutan is a Mountainous country, thus we advice that Trekkers should first acclimatize them selves before doing the trek, so have a few days cultural tour and sight seeing where you acclimatize to an altitude of above 2000 meters. Thereafter it would be safe to start your trek.

Still while trekking, if you face any altitude sickness like head ache, nausea, vomiting and unusual fatigue, then its advised to drink plenty of water and then drop down immediately to a lower ground and after feeling better, you can proceed further or you can contact the Bhutan Jewel Travel office if you wish to fore go the trek due to health reasons. We will then chalk out other activities for your time in Bhutan.

Travel Insurance: Bhutan Jewel Travel also advices all its clients that if possible have a comprehensive Travel Insurance that will cover your Trekking in Bhutan so that in case of any mishap, you can be taken care of immediately and air lifted if need arises.

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