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How is Trekking In Bhutan

Why #Trek in #Bhutan? Bhutan has the Worlds Best Trekking Routes and trails,which are clean and unspoiled. The nature is intact and environment is beautiful with pure clean air, majestic Mountains, clean rivers and streams, beautiful high altitude lakes and glaciers, and trekkers will come across nomads settlements, untouched villages, yaks, Takins(Bhutan’s National Animal) and some of worlds endangered animals and birds. So when in Bhutan, never miss this opportunity of being in one with Nature. It is a heavenly experience that one can get only in the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Bhutan Trekking Guides, Food and Camping by Bhutan Jewel Travel

Camps: Every thing required for the Trek,like camping equipments,gears,kitchen items,food etc are all carried by animals,the Horse,or yaks in higher altitudes and provided within the Trekking Tour Package.

Trekking Guides: You will be provided by a Trained Trekking Guide to help you with the trek routes and guide you through out the trek. Trek Guides in Bhutan are trained under the Tourism Council of Bhutan and certified to lead a trek. It is mandatory for all Guides to have a Trek Guiding License endorsed by the Tourism Council of Bhutan.

Food and Meals During a Trek: We employ local cooks who can fusion Bhutanese food with Western and Chinese food. The cook is usually a trained cook who will know exactly what to prepare for you. You can pre hand tell the cook regarding your food likes and dislikes so that the Cook prepares accordingly OR just leave it up to the Cook’s discretion and be surprised with the delicious food that he prepares.

All meals cooked during the trek are freshly prepared and served hot.

Trekking Safety and Advice

The Bhutanese Trekking Guides are trained by the Tourism Council of Bhutan and know the first aid tips to help a sick trekker. Plus Trek Guides in Bhutan are also responsible to take care of the Trekkers garbage and dispose at the right places.

Health Safety: However, Trekkers in Bhutan need to know that there could be serious altitude sickness as Bhutan is a Mountainous country, thus we advice that Trekkers should first acclimatize them selves before doing the trek, so have a few days cultural tour and sight seeing where you acclimatize to an altitude of above 2000 meters. Thereafter it would be safe to start your trek.

Still while trekking, if you face any altitude sickness like head ache, nausea, vomiting and unusual fatigue, then its advised to drink plenty of water and then drop down immediately to a lower ground and after feeling better, you can proceed further or you can contact the Bhutan Jewel Travel office if you wish to fore go the trek due to health reasons. We will then chalk out other activities for your time in Bhutan.

Travel Insurance: Bhutan Jewel Travel also advices all its clients that if possible have a comprehensive Travel Insurance that will cover your Trekking in Bhutan so that in case of any mishap, you can be taken care of immediately and air lifted if need arises.

We have all levels of trek in Bhutan and depending on your endurance level, you can choose from the many Trekking Packages that we offer.

Trekking Packages in Bhutan range from a 2 nights/3 Days trek like the Gangtey Trek, to even 24 nights /25 days trek,which is the Snow Man’s Trek and considered the World’s Toughest Trek. Read below and see which is most suited for you.

Depending on Your Physical Endurance Level,we have the following Trekking Packages: Below are Quick Description of some of the many treks in Bhutan.

Bhutan’s Snowman Trek :

  • Duration – 24 Nights/25 Days trek 
  • Difficulty LevelVery Hard ,Difficult, and Tough Trek

There are 2 Routes for this Trek, where the start point is the same ,which is from the Paro valley, BUT one ends in Sephu in Trongsa District, and the other route ends in Duer in Bumthang District.

The name Snowman Trek itself speaks for itself and is said to be the toughest and hardest trek in the world. Trekkers have to cross 12 passes between high altitudes of 4500 to about 5300 meters above sea level. To do this trek one has to be a seasoned trekker and should have high endurance level and a mighty snowman’s guts to finish this trek on time.

For a Detailed Itinerary (CLICK HERE)

Laya Gasa Trek :

  • Duration – 11 Nights/12 Days trek
  • Difficulty Level – Hard

This Trek starts from Paro and the first 5 nights of this Trek follows the same path as the Jumolhari Trek and the Snowman trek, after which this trek route descends towards Laya,in Punakha District.

This Trek too requires a certain level of endurance level but does not test your endurance like the snowman trek. The tough part in this trek is the many elevation of the routes which crosse over 5000 meters above sea level and down to 22oo meters.

For a Detailed Itinerary (CLICK HERE)

Jomolhari Trek:

  • Duration – 8 Nights/9 Days trek and 7 Nights/8 Days
  • Difficulty Level – Moderate 

Jomolhari Trek has 2 Trekking Routes, one is the 8 Nights/9 Days trek and the other is the 7 Nights/8 days known as the Jomolhari Loop Route. The Jomolhari Trek starts from Paro and ends in Dodena in Thimphu District and the Jomolhari Loop starts in Paro and ends back in Paro using a loop route.

The main highlight of this trek is the Mount Jomolhari its self where trekkers enjoy this beautiful Mountain at a very close defying range from the  base camp in Jangothang.

For a Detailed Itinerary (CLICK HERE)

Druk Path Trek:

  • Duration – 5 Nights/6 Days trek
  • Difficulty Level – Easy to Moderate

The Druk Path Trek is one of the easier and popular treks as anyone with a hiking boot can do this trek and its one of the most scenic treks with views of the Mountains, lakes, temples, villages and lush greenery all around. So its basically an “all in one trek”.

For a Detailed Itinerary (CLICK HERE)

Merak and Sakteng Trek:

  • Duration – 6 Nights/7 Days trek
  • Difficulty Level – Moderate

Merak and Sakteng are two Bhutanese villages where nomadic life is still practiced and people here still strongly worship the nature and local deities. Trekkers get to experience the nomadic cultural life style of these people and the scenes here are spectacular.

For a Detailed Itinerary (CLICK HERE)

Punakha Trek:

  • Duration – 1 Night/2 Days trek
  • Difficulty Level – Easy

Punakha trek can be done any time of the year as it does not have too high altitude routes and the trek is of a very short duration. It starts from nearby the Dechenchholing Palace in Thimphu and ends at Chorten Ningpo,in Punakha.

For a Detailed Itinerary (CLICK HERE)

Rodung La Trek:

  • Duration – 9 Nights/10 Days trek
  • Difficulty Level – Moderate

This Trek starts in Central Bhutan and ends in TrashiYangtse in Eastern Bhutan and trekkers will enjoy the high mountain passes, remote villages, and temples. This trek is not a high altitude trekking but still a bit challenging due to steep climbing and descent in certain area.

For a Detailed Itinerary (CLICK HERE)

Routes in the high mountains, requiring some endurance, 6 to 10 days depending on the chosen route, partly in unsettled areas.

Dagala A Thousand Lakes Trek:

  • Duration – 5 Nights/6 Days trek
  • Difficulty Level – Hard

As the Trek name suggests, its a trekking through many beautiful lakes.Trekkers can also enjoy the view of the Himalayan Range and the World’s Highest Mountain – Mt.Everest, and other peaks in Bhutan like the Jomolhari, Jichu Drake, Masang gang and many others. Its a sacred local belief that these lakes are sacred and if people visiting these lakes make a lot of noise, pollute the surroundings and create ruckus, then the protecting deities are aroused and there will be dark clouds and thick mist bringing with it rain and one can even lose sight of the path. This trek covers the route from Gynekha and ends in Chamgang, both under Thimphu District.

Duer Hot Spring Trek:

  • Duration – 8 Nights/9 Days trek
  • Difficulty Level – Moderate to Hard

Duer Hot Spring Trek is in the Bumthang District which means at least a 2 nights tour en route before starting this trek. The highlight of this trek is that while trekking this route you can see herds of the Blue Sheep, Musk Deer and the Himalayan bears. This trek is a bit challenging as there are quite a few sharp ascents and descents.

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Samtengang Trek in Winter:

  • Duration – 3 Nights/4 Days trek
  • Difficulty Level – Easy

This short trek is an easy trek in Punakha and Wangduephodrang Districts. These 2 districts are close by so thats why this trek is a short one joining the 2 districts. This is a low altitude trek and trekkers will come across Rhododendron trees and oaks, and the rural villages and will be crossing the longest suspension bridge in Bhutan.

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Cultural Bumthang Trek:

  • Duration – 2 Nights/3 Days trek
  • Difficulty Level – Easy

Bumthang which is the cultural and religious hub in Bhutan,is also known as the Switzerland of Asia. Trekkers will pass by many temples and enjoy the clear waters with plenty of trouts and go by quite a few small villages.

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