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Trekking Guides and Food

Bhutan Trekking Guides, Food and Camping by Bhutan Jewel Travel

Camps: Every thing required for the Trek,like camping equipments,gears,kitchen items,food etc are all carried by animals,the Horse,or yaks in higher altitudes and provided within the Trekking Tour Package.

Trekking Guides: You will be provided by a Trained Trekking Guide to help you with the trek routes and guide you through out the trek. Trek Guides in Bhutan are trained under the Tourism Council of Bhutan and certified to lead a trek. It is mandatory for all Guides to have a Trek Guiding License endorsed by the Tourism Council of Bhutan.

Food and Meals During a Trek: We employ local cooks who can fusion Bhutanese food with Western and Chinese food. The cook is usually a trained cook who will know exactly what to prepare for you. You can pre hand tell the cook regarding your food likes and dislikes so that the Cook prepares accordingly OR just leave it up to the Cook’s discretion and be surprised with the delicious food that he prepares.

All meals cooked during the trek are freshly prepared and served hot.

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