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Bhutan Travel Information

Here we try and give you as much information as we can if you are planning to Travel to Bhutan. We being the Local Bhutan Travel Agent and Tour Operator, and this office is managed by responsible Bhutanese citizens, who would like to share all relevant and important information regarding Traveling to Bhutan and Bhutan’s Unique Tourism Policy.We will also share our culture, etiquette, people, local customs and much more as related below:

Tourism Policy : All travel to Bhutan is monitored by the Tourism Policy of the Royal Government of Bhutan, which is based on “HIGH VALUE AND LOW IMPACT” . The tourism industry in Bhutan is founded on the principle of sustainability, meaning that tourism must be environmentally and ecologically friendly, socially and culturally acceptable and economically viable. For this reason the number of tourists visiting Bhutan is  kept to an environmentally manageable level through government regulated tourist tariff. Thus Bhutan is an extraordinary Travel destination,as through out the year,be it High or Regular Tourist Season,one will NEVER find that Tourists out number the locals. That is why traveling and touring Bhutan is truly a very unique warm experience so cherished and loved by the ones who have made it to Bhutan.

How TO Book A Tour; When booking your tour Please send us the following details:

01: Your full name (EXACTLY as it appears in your passport)
02: Permanent address
03: Occupation
04: Nationality
05: Passport number
06: Date of issue and expiry date of passport
07: Date and place of birth
08: Telephone nos and email address

We will be providing you a VISA FORM which should be filled out by you and we ill process your Bhutan Travel Visa thereon.

CREATE YOUR OWN TOUR: Dear Valued Guests to Bhutan,It is not mandatory that you book your tours to Bhutan as per our itinerary or fixed tour packages. You can always let us know what you want from your side so that we can arrange your tour as per how you would want it. Please write or call us for any clarification or information and we can always put a tour together as per your choice. The Tour and Trekking Itinerary that we have on our website is can however be used for your travel in Bhutan as these are genuine travel package.

Bhutan Visa and Air Tickets

After receiving all the above information we start processing your visa.

However on arrival at the Paro International Air Port (if travel is via Air), OR on arrival at the Bhutan Border town Phuentsholing,(if travel is via road,)you will have to produce your original passport and get it stamped at the Paro International Airport or Phuentsholing on payment of US$ 40 as Visa fees.


We process your Bhutan Visa much before your arrival and pay the Visa fee and send you the approved Bhutan Visa for your visit to Bhutan.

Please make sure that you carry at least 3-5 passport size photos as it will be required when in Bhutan starting from the Paro International Airport or Phuentsholing.

Bhutan Jewel Travel will be booking the Druk Air Tickets for your arrival and departure from Bhutan or you can buy online your self but it is always better and recommended that we as your agent buy the tickets for you as any changes can be dealt immediately since we are based in Bhutan. After confirming and purchasing your Bhutan Travel Air tickets,we will send you the E-Ticket and the visa clearances to you and to all concerned overseas Drukair station prior to your arrival,so you can check at the Druk Air Counters for visa reconfirmation and confirmed air ticket.

Clothing: Bring along clothes that you can wear in layers so that the clothes can be removed if you feel a bit hot or can be worn if you feel a little chilly. Usually in the evenings after sun set it does get a bit chilly.

Water: Bhutan Jewel will provide you Mineral water as a compliment from the Company’s side. Although water in Bhutan is pure and clean and fit to drink, still we do not want our guests to fall sick or get unwell during travel to Bhutan, so Mineral water would be the safest for our guests.

WIFI : Most Hotels in Bhutan have Wifi connection. But if are staying in a farm house or a village home then there will be no wifi connection.

UNAUTHORIZED FLYING of DRONESFlying of unauthorized Drones is strictly prohibited in Bhutan.

Any person operating Unmanned Aircraft without the prior approval of BCAA ( Bhutan Civil Aviation Authority ) shall be liable for a fine of Nu. 20,000 to Nu. 50,000 as determined by BCAA and seizure of UAS ( Unmanned Aircraft System). In addition, the Local Tour operator shall be liable for a fine of Nu 20,000 to Nu. 50,000 for failure to inform the Tourist of restrictions.

Tour Etiquette: We advice our Guests that Bhutanese are usually shy but friendly people. So please bear this in mind and even if you want to mix with the local people ask their permission first,especially before photographing them.

TOBACCO Banned in Bhutan : Tobacco in all forms is banned in Bhutan thus if you are a Tobacco user than you will have to bring in your own quota and pay the 200% customs tax at the point of entry into Bhutan. SMOKING is BANNED in all Public places in Bhutan.

RESPECT Our SACRED Sites: Please behave well in our temples and Monasteries and all religious sites by showing respect to the religious places you visit. The Tour Guide will guide you on this.

RESPECT the KINGS of BHUTAN : YES we still have our Kings and Queens . We look up to them with respect of a child to her parents. Bhutanese love their Kings, thus it would be wise not to insult or make a joke of the Kings of Bhutan.

Begging : In Bhutan we do not have beggars and we do not encourage begging at all. Thus we request you to Please do not give any food or money to anyone,as it will in the future encourage begging,and you would be one of the guilty ones who encouraged begging in Bhutan.

Charity: However if you want to donate something,you can always consult Bhutan Jewel Travel Office directly or mail us,and we can support you in choosing where to do the charity,since we being the locals here in Bhutan,we would know best who needs your kind support. However,while on tour if you feel you want to extend your support financially or otherwise, Please consult us first. Bhutan Jewel will always be honest when advising you, so that the charity you do will not go to waste or usurped by some undeserving ones.

Money: Please note that credit cards are not 100% coverage for your spending in Bhutan so if you rely on your Credit Cards you may NOT be fully secure as Banking system is still a bit unexplored in Bhutan. So we advice that you bring in some cash before coming to Bhutan, if you need to spend on Handicrafts, Souvenirs, woven textiles, etc and all other personal expenses, especially for spending in the out skirts of Urban towns of Thimphu and Paro. Travelers Cheques can be brought along and en cashed in Bhutan Banks.. However it does not mean that you have to spend all the Cash you bring into Bhutan, you can always take back what you have not spent here. Its just better to be informed rather than having the money but landing up in a situation in Bhutan where maybe you would like to take back something from here but the frustration of not being able to buy it ,all because your credit card could not work. However, if you bring Credit Cards make sure its MasterCard and Visa as some handicrafts and Hotels accept these cards.

Daily Bhutanese Lives: We want you to enjoy the daily lives of people of Bhutan. You may be witnessing the Bhutanese Culture  and age old customs and traditions, but for us its our daily life, so respect the people and the environment around you. Experience peace and happiness to the fullest while in Bhutan through the simple lives of the people, because after you leave Bhutan, it will dawn on you how satisfyingly different Bhutan was, and we at Bhutan Jewel would be very proud and happy to know that you lived the unknown Jewel of a dream in Bhutan.

For more information check our other pages on this site relevant to what you want to know OR Contact us via email at bhutanjewel@gmail.com

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