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Bhutan Nature Tours

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Bhutan is rich and diverse in Flora and Fauna because Bhutan is physically and geographically divided into THREE Zones of:

  • Alpine Zone at 4000 meters and above and is a barren area with no forest cover
  • Temperate Zone between 2000-4000 meters and has the forest cover with Conifers and Broad leafed forests.
  • Sub Tropical Zone lies between 150-2000 meters and has sub tropical vegetations.

Because of the wide range of altitudes in Bhutan our forests are rich and boasts of about 300 species of medicinal plants and about 46 species of rhododendrons. With your Travel to Bhutan ,you can see some flowers and plants like the magnolias, junipers, orchids of varied hues, gentian, medicinal plants, daphne, giant rhubarb, the blue poppy which is the national flower and tropical trees such as pine and oaks.

There are many animals that are found wandering the Forests and Jungles in Bhutan. Some of them are the snow leopards, the Bengal tigers that are found at altitude ranging 3000 to 4000 meters, the red panda, the gorals and the langurs, the Himalayan black bear and sambars, the wild pigs and the barking deer, the blue sheep and the musk deer. In the tropical forests of Southern Bhutan one can come across the clouded leopards, the one horned rhinoceros, elephants, golden langur that is unique to Bhutan, the water buffaloes and the swamp deer.

Many Bird species can be found in Bhutan and Bhutan is said to have 670 Species of Birds out of which 221 are of endemic species of birds.

16 species are endangered birds of the world like the White bellied heron, Pallas Fish eagle, Blyth’s King fisher and the Black Necked Cranes.

So enjoy your Nature and Out Door Tours in Bhutan where nature is in abundance for you to relish the fresh air, and be so close to nature.

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