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Bhutan Mountain Flight

Bhutan has chartered Mountain flight Tours,where travelers to Bhutan can have the opportunity to experience the beautiful Mountains, breathtaking mountain lakes, and far inaccessible villages, temples and Monasteries that are on hill tops.

Its a one hour flight and and the flight takes you over the Tshendeygang Group (22,947ft), Tari gang (23,275ft), Masangang (23,603ft) range of mountains in Bhutan,apart from several other smaller peaks.

Its also a great time for photography where you need not necessarily be a Professional Photographer, after all the view below is so beautiful and majestic that,just knowing how to operate a camera will still capture the most unique and memorable photos.

When booking your Bhutan Tour, you have to inform us if you are interested in this charter flight so that we can prearrange this Mountain Flight and include it in your Tour Itinerary.

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