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Bhutan Jewel Travel as a Tour Operator

We are Bhutan’s certified and licensed Tours and Trek Operator. We may be one of the many Travel Agents and Tour Operators in Bhutan but RELIABILITY, STABILITY and CONSISTENCY in our Services have been our strength and this has made many travelers happy, travelers whom we have helped organize beautiful tours and amazing treks in the Kingdom of Bhutan. That is why we are still thriving in the Bhutan Travel Industry despite the competition.

Paro Taktsang Monastery,Tigers Nest

Paro Taktsang Monastery,Tigers Nest

As mandated by the Royal Government of Bhutan, all Tour Operators in Bhutan have to be licensed and operating under the umbrella of the Tourism Council of Bhutan. So of the many licensed Bhutanese Tour Operators, we the Bhutan Jewel Travel Team pride our selves in being the forefront ambassador for Bhutan, operating and organizing the best tour and trekking packages in Bhutan.

If you were looking for an efficient, reliable and honest tour operator for Bhutan, well you have come to the right people. We handle everything from Bhutan air tickets to accommodation, food and of course the unique tours in Bhutan.

In traditional Bhutanese belief, a Jewel symbolizes purity, timelessness and spirituality – qualities that Bhutan is known for. The pristine environment, the age-old culture that lives as vibrantly today as it did centuries ago, and the palpable pulse of the Buddha dharma make Bhutan another worldly retreat. “Just the kind of place in which to lose yourself,” some say.

We, at Bhutan Jewel Travel believe Bhutan is just the kind of place in which to find your true self. A travel to Bhutan can be an ideal occasion for soul-searching because it affords the traveler the surroundings and opportunity to reflect. A tour in Bhutan is a good time – when the temporal and the timeless meet – to try and expand our understanding of our own selves.

Bhutan Jewel Travel, aims to make your visit to our country such an awakening.

Considering that Bhutan itself provides the atmosphere and environment conducive to such a task, we focus on giving you the enabling services. Whether it is one of the designed tour packages you settle for or a special tour that you want to customize with us, we promise you the best care and services available in Bhutan.

Perhaps you are a naturalist hoping to see some of Bhutan’s rare birds, or a sport enthusiast hoping to bike up or down Bhutan’s scenic mountain trails. You might want a meditation class from a Bhutanese monk or master, or you might just want to spend a night in a village farmhouse and experience raw rural pleasures. A lecture on a Bhutan-related topic, say, Gross National Happiness, perhaps? All these and more can be arranged.

Our professionally trained guides, experienced drivers and other professionals in associated businesses will not be found lacking. And, one thing for sure with Bhutan Jewel Travel, you will not leave Bhutan disappointed.

We have the best experienced Guides to escort you but they will not intrude into your personal space, and all ground travel is made comfortable with the use of only imported Japanese and Korean cars driven by well experienced and certified drivers.

Our Strength

Our staff is our key asset and strength, and they are very carefully selected and trained by the Tourism Council of Bhutan, to ensure the safety and comfort of our valuable clients. Many Tour leaders and guides have been with us for a very long time, and many of our office staff have been tour and trek leaders first. Regardless of their position, all our staff share a passion for travel and new discoveries.

Bhutan Jewel Travel will respond at the earliest to all Travel Inquiry and make suggestions and recommendation for the Best Tour and Treks in Bhutan.

Our Tour Guides have an extensive knowledge & expertise on their respective fields. They speak fluent English. Tour guides with other choice of languages can be arranged as per the guest’s requirement.

Our Trekking Guides are all experienced and have a thorough knowledge about the Trek Routes, locality, and are commendable in First Aid Help.

Our Mountaineering Guides are well experienced and knowledgeable trekkers.

Bhutan Jewel Travel has good relations with all our counterparts like Hotels,Farm houses and the locals,thus our Guests will be treated with utmost personal care and given the Best Services.

Finally, Bhutan Jewel Travel is an Eco-Friendly Tour Company,where sensitive care is taken of our pristine environment and Greenery. We love Bhutan the way it is and our Culture and Traditions are a part of our daily lives.

Thank You and Welcome to Bhutan…The Land of the Thunder Dragon and often called THE LAST SHANGRILA.

Bhutan Jewel Travel – A Tour Operator in Bhutan having the Best support staff efficiently organizing the most fulfilling amazing tours through out Bhutan.

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