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Bhutan Flower Exhibition Festival

Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition and Festival

Bhutan National Flower-The Blue Poppy

Bhutan Flower Festival and Exhibition

1st April 2015 will mark the official opening of Bhutan’s First Royal Flower Exhibition.

On this special day, the gates to the Historic Ugyen Pelri Palace will be open everyone to exhibit and show case the flowers of Bhutan.

The floral diversity of Bhutan will be displayed amidst the Bhutanese backdrop and landscape especially with a model of the Taktsang Monastery (The Tigers Nest) among many other model displays.

The first and now an annual event this Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition is being initiated upon the command of the King of Bhutan to celebrate and commemorate the 60th Birth Anniversary of the Fourth King of Bhutan.

It will be an opportunity for all nature and flower lovers to visit this Flower Festival in Bhutan, which will take place only once a year in Paro, Bhutan.

For International Visitors Please Book for this visit as early as possible so that your visit can be confirmed without last minute changes.

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