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Bhutan Client Testamonials and Tour Reviews

Why are these Ladies turning their backs in this photo???…It is because they are wearing beautiful floral jackets. Thus the same goes for businesses, the best sides are shown, to be seen.

I am sure most of you who opened this page wanted to read reviews on how “Bhutan Jewel Travel” had handled tours of their past clients and what these clients had said about us, our guides, drivers and sightseeing experiences.

Basically you were wanting to read “Client  Reviews and their Testimonials

Bhutan's Nomad Women

Dancing during a Local Festival In Bhutan

Let me give everyone who opened this page some information on so called “Clients Feedback“, “Client Testimonials” or “What Guests Have Said regarding their “Bhutan Travel Agents“.

In todays’ times, why do people always weigh and label things including experiences and why do you seek the approval of another traveler to decide whats best for you ?. Maybe… you would say… “someone else’s review helps you decide“, but do you REALLY trust such reviews without knowing who the other face behind the review is ?

It’s a fact that cannot be hidden, but most websites put up feed backs from Clients which are good and having a lot of praises for the said Travel Agent and Tour Operator. Contradictory to such Great Feed backs there are lapses from the concerned Tour Agents and Operators ( “To err is Human”) which are never ever put up for other travelers to see. Lets face the truth, a business person running a Tourism office, is never going to put up bad reviews and feeds backs and dig their own grave. I agree that, some lapses are due to unavoidable and unforeseen situations but again there are those that cannot be excused.

So why do people still look for reviews on someones Travel website. We have such websites to welcome clients to travel with us. Nobody wants to chase away prospective clients. Like for example, no shop keeper will say his goods are bad or he had sold spoiled eggs before, The shop keeper will always say his goods are the BEST and worth its price and its the best bargain and so on, similarly this goes for us too.

On the other hand there are many TRAVEL FORUMS, where clients give feed back, so this could be genuine about someones experiences BUT to a certain extent only, as Travel Agents and Tour Operators usually request their clients to write good reviews on their Tour and thus indirectly advertise their Travel Agency. So most Travel Forums with Great Tour Reviews are also written by people who are biased towards the aforementioned Travel Agent or Tour Operator, unless an unhappy traveler comes across this so good review and gives a counter statement.

In a Service Sector like “Tourism and Travel” no body is going to put the GOOD, BAD and UGLY feed backs and reviews. It is a known fact that Travel Companies spend huge sums of money to market and push themselves forward in today’s digital social world, and thus, it gets hard for people like me to prove my honesty and dedication in what I do.

For me, I only hope travelers to Bhutan will understand and connect with me for being a Bhutanese who is “Reliable, Efficient and Honest”and I am the FOUNDER of a licensed Travel and Tours Office in the Kingdom of Bhutan.

YES I am trying to get clients to travel to Bhutan with us the “Bhutan Jewel Travel” team, and I hope people will experience Bhutan with my office organizing a memorable tour with great Bhutanese hospitality.

Lets Keep It Simple, Welcome to Bhutan and Travel with us and “We will Happily Guide You Through The Hidden Kingdom of Bhutan” and under our guidance you will be able to “Discover Real Bhutan

Planning for a trip to Bhutan?

we assure you that “It’s a Great Start For The Perfect Journey to Bhutan”