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Getting to Bhutan

There are Two ways to get to Bhutan: Traveling by air and traveling by Roads.

My father used to tell us stories about how the Bhutan roads opened up only during the 1960’s. Until then Bhutan was unknown to the world and was inaccessible even by road.

Then in the year 1981 Bhutan started its first National Airline, “The Druk Air”, one of the safest airlines in the world with no accident track records till now.

Then in 2013 the new privately owned air line “Bhutan airlines” alias “Tashi Air” launched its first flight.

So now Bhutan can be connected via AIR and Road.


The national airline Drukair and Bhutan Airlines has direct flights from Thailand, India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Singapore to Bhutan.

When flying to Bhutan on a clear sky day one can see the Mt. Everest, Lhotse, Makalu and Kangchenjunga peaks on the Himalayan range of Mountains.

Also travel via air is a beautiful and thrilling experience especially once you have entered the Bhutan Air Space as you will feel that the wings of the plane are nearly touching the Mountains and the Hills all around. That’s why then the air craft finally touches down, there is always a heave of sighs followed by a round of heavy clapping. Especially first time tourists to Bhutan breath of a relief and then there is giggling and laughing while talking about how scared they were.


There are several entries via road into Bhutan but all entries are via India into Bhutan. Usually Tourists visiting the nearby Indian states of Assam and West Bengal take these entry points for travel to Bhutan.

In Bhutan you will enter through Phuentsholing, Gelephug, and Samdrup Jongkhar,which are the border districts in Bhutan connecting to India.

Bhutan Jewel Travel Guide usually wait for the Tourists at these entry points as Tourists have to complete the Bhutan Immigration Formalities before proceeding further. Don’t worry we are always there if our Guests enter from these points.

From Phuentsholing its about 178 Kms to reach Thimphu, the Capital city of Bhutan.

From Samdrup Jongkhar, its about 735 Kms to reach Thimphu

From Gelephug, its about 256 Kms to reach Thimphu.

Travelers who are not very fond of road travel and tend to fall sick can be advised to take the Flights in and out of Bhutan.